Monday, July 18, 2011

Limp Bizkit - Gold Cobra

Alright, I'll admit it, when Limp Bizkit came out I didn't violently hate them. In the early 2000's everything sounded like this. We also had not begun to hear what a bag of douche Fred Durst is.

Straight to the point, I've met this short a-hole several times. He used to go into Ahhs! where my friend Jennifer worked on the regular and hit on all the girls while he had his kid with him. I distinctly remember him hitting on a female friend of mine that was in a band in front of her boyfriend at a show at the Whiskey. Basically all in all is this persona he plays in the band and in the videos is legit. This is 24/7.

Needless to say when I heard Limp Bizkit was putting out another record I pretty much threw up in my mouth. This style of music is played out. Even the homeboys in Korn have moved on and are trying new things (dubstep? really? whatever, we'll get to there some day) But here is Fred Durst as big as day, frontin' like a motherfucker to show us how much of a fuck he does not give.

I wanted to embed this video because you should watch it for the LOLz but Fred or his record company or whatever doesn't want it embedded. So here it is.

Let's just ignore the fact that this song is a steaming pile of donkey crap. Let's instead focus on how HORRIBLE the video is. You see because Fred Durst is committing another sin of epic proportions in it.

He's wearing a Celtics jersey and a Yankees hat.

Process that sports fans while I explain to the group why that is wrong:

You see, Boston Vs New York well... its a pretty big deal. The Red Sox fans and Yankees fans... they historically do not get along. And having been to Boston myself and whatever, I can pretty much tell you that even Celtics fans who aren't Red Sox fans sure as hell aren't Yankees fans. Now this may look "cool" to Fred to wear these things and maybe in suburban middle America you can get away with it if you are a special needs person but seriously...

I'm too offended by the combination to even start ranting about the only remotely interesting part of the video being a jiggly model, well jiggling. You go girl, you look hot. Sorry you have to hang out with Fred Durst. Nice bikini by the way, is it Roxy or Famous Stars and Straps?

At any rate this song gets an F, as in F everything about this piece of crap.

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  1. Yeah, the jiggly parts of the video are nice. That's about it, including the song.