Thursday, December 16, 2010

System of a Down - Mostificated Lonliestest Day

Before we start here let me say, in principle, I have no problem with System of a Down. I actually enjoy their special brand of crazy, sexy, angry, opera, pirate rock just on sheer lack of sameness, BUT there is no place for bad grammar on the Tristan Train to Sound Town especially from a band that has sold something in the area of 15 million fucken albums. They should know better.

This brings me to their GRAMMY NOMINATED (side note: this should tell you how useless the grammys are) 2007 hit "Lonely Day". Now, Lonely Day, is a perfectly fine name for a song and would have worked well in the chorus of this bad boy, but no, SOAD decided to better connect with the mouth breathing, unwashed masses that they needed to fuck it up with the dumb stick.

My entire problem with this song, and why it finds itself on FMHDTW? is the line "The most lonliest day of my life.". Really? Am I the only one that realizes how stupid these filthy (both rich and in the Armenian way) artists sound in this song, and how stupid we all look for swallowing the briney cock snot that is this nonesense? MOST and LONLIEST together in a sentence is redundant, and not in the good, Fat Boy Slim-Blazer Force, kinna way. It's redundant in the, maybe you should go back to 1st grade because you are telling a whole generation of fuck twats it is okay to talk like this, way.

I get it, you're an artist, but don't fuck up the minds of those who take your words as gospel.

Rock on

P.S. This is not the last time you will hear about the "mouth breathing, unwashed masses" from me. Stay tuned.


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  2. I would say that this whole song sounds like it was written by a first grader, but I know first graders with better grammar.