Thursday, December 16, 2010


I get a lot of mail here at the radio ranch and most of it gets immediately binned, but eeeevery once in a while I get a gem like this:

But wait! There's more!

God love you Keyenta, not only are you living your dream of becoming the first shirtless man that the world is supposed to take seriously, but you are doing it YOUR way. With body hair that I think is best described as "kelpy" you made an EP of music that you described in a letter with adjectives like "throbbing", "grunge", and "electronic".

Needless to say the disc remains unopened in its shrink wrap for when it becomes a collector's item -- or when I have to use it to torture and then suffocate someone; the featured track "Porno Star" unlistened, fresh for when the music world is "ready" for you Keyenta.

Rock on

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