Tuesday, March 22, 2011

technology sucks

Digital software is making it easier and easier for any dumbass with two arms and a Macbook Pro to do welll... whatever they want to rape our ears with the audio equal of dog shit. It's been happening in the DJ community for awhile now, as you know, everone's a DJ with a Mac Book Pro.

"My dog, he DJ's..."

It seems like this has blown up all over pop music lately. There's a lot of bad stuff out there but man if Ark Music Factory aren't the worst offenders. You know the people who brought us Rebecca Black's "Friday." It's like Ark Music Factory is this giant glaring example that god hates us and wants us to be unhappy. The dog balls that Ark puts out and actually makes money off of is a form of international terrorism. Seriously. How do I know?


Oh god no please no

Look let me just put it down for you... if you're super rich and have 2-5k to throw down on doing something bad ass for your kid, awesome, but INVEST IT IN MUSIC LESSONS. Don't just drop them off at the "Shitty Music for Stupid People Factory," with that one guy who raps in ever video and think you got them started on a musical career. Ark Music Factory is like freakin' child abuse.

At very least its sonic adult abuse. Why does this shit even exist?


  1. The cost of the Ark Productions treatment is about equivalent to the cost of a MacBook Pro.

    I'm not sure which is really the better return on the investment.

  2. You know, I almost want to hand them $3,500 have them make me a song/music video and document in depth the torture process for the entire world to see. I really am kinda curious...

  3. Shawn- the MacBook Pro can go to school with them after their music career fails.

    Jennifer- You'd insist on writing your own song though, they'd probably kick you out.